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Rich Marketer thinking

How Rich Marketers Think (Feb 2018)

by You Are Rich
How Rich Marketers Think:

There is a thought in online marketing that if you just get the mechanics right, then everything will fall into place and you’ll get rich. I’m not here to dispute that. Rather, I’d like to suggest that mindset plays a bigger role than most people think. After all, if thoughts are things – and quantum physics tells us this is true – then what you think can have a huge impact on the success of your business. Don’t believe me?

Take two people – one has a track record of building million-dollar businesses. The other has a track record of never having had a major success in his life. Who would you bet on to build a million-dollar business? The one with the track record, of course.

But let me ask you this… do you think that both of these individuals view business – and specifically, the acquisition of money – in the same way? You might guess that the successful person who has made millions of dollars sees money in an entirely different way than the person who has never been successful.

One sees opportunity everywhere – the other sees obstacles.
One sees challenges to overcome – the other sees problems that cannot be solved.
One believes leverage is the way to get rich – the other believes hard work will win the day.
One believes money is abundant – the other believes it’s scarce.
One thinks about how to make more money – the other thinks about how not to lose money… and so forth.

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