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Virtual Summit Case Study (Dec 2017)

by You Are Rich
Virtual Summit Case Study: 17,836 New Subscribers, 12 New Partners, $9K in Profit

If you know how to do just two things online, you can be a true online marketing success. Those things are: Building a profitable sales funnel and… …list building. Which is why I like to talk about both of these things so much. Now to be fair, you don’t actually have to know how to do both. That’s because if you’re terrific at list building, you can always promote other people’s products. That way you don’t need to build your own funnels; you simply need to find great products and effectively sell your list members on buying them. So let’s say you’re brand new to marketing, and you decide you want to build a list. Terrific! How do you go about it? The traditional method is to create great content and promote it like crazy, and then rinse and repeat. And repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

And in a few short months, if you’re doing really well, you’ll have a decent-sized list. But for most marketers, a few short months turn into several long years, or more likely, they simply give up before their list ever turns into anything significant. So how do you list build in an effective manner without endlessly creating and promoting great content? And can you do it in such a way that your subscribers are already warmed up to you? By thinking big and using the method one new marketer tried recently.

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