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15 Secrets Only Billionaires Know

by You Are Rich

Alux Your Life

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In this Alux.com video we will be answering the following questions:
What is the secret to becoming a billionaire?
What are some things people don’t know about billionaires?
What is the dark truth about billionaires?
How to invest like billionaires?

00:00 – Intro
00:24 – You don’t usually get to
$1 Billion and still own 100% of your business
01:15 – Real-estate will make you
a millionaire, Private Equity makes you a billionaire
02:00 – Do not use your own money, use someone else’s to make yourself rich
04:45 – Everything is a buy low
– sell high equation, only the scale differs.
06:40 – Art is a preferred store
of value that can easily be moved around
08:58 – Stocks won’t get you to a billion, neither will luck
10:27 – Every new billionaire,
turns other millionaires into billionaires
11:33 – Less than 5% of their
worth is liquid
12:47 – The real money is made
in a crisis
13:51 – They all had and still have experts minimizing risk and increasing returns
16:08 – Very few billionaires are Direct-to-consumer, most of the money is in Enterprise deals
17:51 – Most billionaires don’t start from the bottom
19:17 – Most industry tycoons get wealthy
by exporting slave labour where you can’t see it – and the world doesn’t really care.
20:05 – Almost all are sociopathically obsessed with money and success
21:58 – Decision making & Persuasion are the only
2 Billionaire-Tier skills

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