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15 Smart Ways To Communicate Complex Ideas

by You Are Rich

Alux Your Life

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In this Alux.com video we will be answering the following questions:
How do you convey complex information?
How do you communicate with big ideas?
What is complex communication?
How communication is a complex process?
How do you simplify complex information?
How do you express complex ideas clearly?
How can I express my ideas better?
What is effective communication of ideas?
How do you communicate beautifully?
What are the tools of effective communication?
How do you communicate ideas visually?
What are the three components of a big idea?
How do you explain complex issues to a customer?
What are complex ideas?
How do you present complex information visually?
How do you break down complex ideas?
How can I learn complex ideas?
How do you explain a complex process?
How do you simplify a topic?
How can I speak better and clear?
How can I speak properly confidently?
How can I talk naturally?
What are 5 good communication skills?
What are 10 ways to communicate?
Why can’t I express my thoughts verbally?
How can you express your ideas without saying anything?
How do you organize your ideas when speaking?

00:00 – Intro
00:37 – Don’t fall prey to the curse of knowledge
01:22 – The Twitter Test
01:52 – Keep the information orderly
02:16 – Give a relatable example of a problem that can be fixed
02:37 – Make it easy for people to refer to your idea
03:22 – Create visuals
03:52 – The power of 3
04:07 – Know your audience
04:45 – Back up your idea with strong examples and case studies
05:06 – Become a raconteur
05:31 – Back of the napkin concept
05:51 – Put yourself in your audience’s shoes
06:25 – State the fundamentals
06:48 – Be transparent about risks and clear about the consequences
07:20 – Compare the past with the present
07:47 – Question

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