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30 Mansions Over $30 Million

by You Are Rich

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Are you ready to see some of the most magnificent homes the world has to offer? These mansions, penthouses, villas and ranches are all worth more than $30 million and feature everything from waterfalls, private beaches and rock climbing walls to bowling alleys. There are beachfront compounds in places like Los Cabos and the Bahamas that offer spectacular sunset views and state-of-the-art home spas. There are mountain-top mansions in Colorado and the Alps that have heated pools and terraces– one even has a private bridge that cost $1 million. And we can’t forget the rich and luscious farmhouses in places like New York and Hawaii which feature everything from horseback riding facilities to private lakes filled with fish.

But which of these homes do you think would be your favorite? Maybe the private villa on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah island? It comes with two luxury supercars, after all. Or how about the hard-to-beat futuristic Moscow City penthouse that’s over 1,000 feet up in the air at the top of the Federation Tower? If none of this piques your interest, then maybe a historic Paris apartment with views of the Eiffel Tower will. One of these multi-million dollar homes even has a two-story tall chandelier! And one complex in Hungary has hidden underground rooms made of stone that’ll make you feel like you’re exploring the catacombs. So, from Italian castles to Manhattan townhouses, here’s all the glitz and glamour you can find in a home that’s worth more than $30 million.

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00:00 Intro
00:28 Beachfront Compound in Los Cabos
01:01 Ranch in Santa Fe
01:39 Italian Villa
02:11 Malibu beachfront mansion
02:41 Villa in Palm Jumeirah
03:16 Italian-mansion in LA
03:46 Paradise Island estate
04:15 Moscow City penthouse
04:46 Beverly Hills Estate
05:12 Peak House in Aspen
05:44 Castle complex in Hungary
06:13 Manhattan townhouse
06:43 Vancouver Estate
07:13 Eiffel Tower apartment
07:39 Royal ranch in Utah
08:06 Spanish country house
08:29 French castle
08:59 Mediterranean villa
09:25 Old-fashioned London manor
09:52 Spanish villa
10:23 Beachfront estate in the Bahamas
10:48 Villa in Monaco
11:17 New York farmhouse
11:44 Contemporary Hawaiian home
12:14 Miami penthouse
12:40 Colorado mountain retreat
13:13 Swiss mansion
13:33 Tropical Hawaiin ranch
14:04 Classic home in London
14:36 Professional villa in the Netherlands

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