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Billionaires Spend This Much On Vacations

by You Are Rich

The Richest: How The Richest Celebs Spend Their Millions.

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Let’s see how some of the nation’s most powerful billionaires enjoy their vacations. Traveling to luxurious destinations around the world is one of the perks of having lots of money. Affluent travelers can choose from snowy mountains to sandy beaches for their holiday vacations. The fact that you can travel to these places doesn’t mean you have to be rich, although it certainly doesn’t hurt! Here’s how billionaires travel in style.

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Written by: Wilder Weir
Narrated by: Wilder Weir
Edited by: Adriano Canella

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00:15 Mark Zuckerberg
02:14 Jeff Bezos
05:44 Michael Dell
06:24 Richard Branson
07:11 Larry Ellison
08:00 Marc Benioff
08:47 Eric Schmidt
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