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Case Study: $1,000 Per Week In Offline ‘Ready-made’ (Sep 2017)

by You Are Rich
One of the problems of working with brick and mortar type businesses is continually having to work on things like SEO. Sure, you charge a monthly fee for the services, but that makes it harder to sell, too. But what if there was a quick and easy way to make offline cash, AND generate a monthly recurring income, too? One gal I know is doing just that. She makes excellent money upfront – generally $1200 or more before expenses, and she gets a monthly recurring fee, too, paid to her automatically.

Here’s what she does:
She chose a niche – in her case, local contractors who work directly with homeowners – and focuses exclusively on that niche. However, she does this all over the country, not just in her home city. This way she never runs out of prospects. When it comes to local contractors, she works with plumbers, electricians, handymen services, carpenters, yard care services, roofers and painters.

She’s looking only for contractors that homeowners hire one-on-one. This is important because contractors that work mainly as subcontractors and get all their work through other contractors aren’t a good fit for her business model. She picks a city and starts searching for each of the different types of contractors, looking for the ones that have a lousy looking website or even no website at all. When she finds these contractors, she contacts them and offers them a ready-made website.

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