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Creating Online Courses For Massive Profit

by You Are Rich
Have you noticed how popular online courses are becoming? And I don’t even mean the $10.99 courses at Udemy. I’m talking about the $200 to $2,000 courses you see on people’s websites. Those things are popular – but why? What’s so great about online courses? For your customer, it’s education on demand. If they can dream it, then they can get the right education from you to achieve whatever it is they want to do. All they need is a teacher, and that’s you.

You bridge the gap between what your customers want to do and what they can do. When you build and sell courses, you… have an impact on the world. Whatever it is that you are teaching, it is hopefully impacting people’s lives for the better. You have more freedom. Much like a book, you can create a course once and continue to sell it for a very long time to come without a lot of additional work. You have more wealth. You do the work once, and you get paid over and over again.

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