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How to Recruit Affiliates By The Bucketful

by You Are Rich
In getting ready to write this article, I wanted to open with a joke about affiliates. I typed in “affiliate joke” into Google, unsure of what results I would get. Would you believe it… there is an affiliate program for something called, “Daily Dirty Joke?” That’s right, it’s official: There is now an affiliate program for EVERYTHING you can imagine. That’s terrific for affiliates because it gives them choices… LOTS of choices. So many choices, in fact, that they may never see – much less consider – promoting your offers for you.

Long gone are the days of, “Put it online, and affiliates will ask to promote for you.” True, once you have a very proven track record and you already have a score or more of very active affiliates promoting for you, THEN affiliates will indeed show up – at least to a certain extent. Even then, it pays handsomely to continue to recruit affiliates. So how do you go about attracting active affiliates to promote your products? Read on below…

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