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Inside Jeff Bezos’ $150 Million Plane

by You Are Rich

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Jeff Bezos is so rich that he actually owns two Gulfstream jets. Each G650ER is worth about $75 million, and Bezos uses the planes to travel to business meetings around the world. He also enjoys flying to high-end resorts and exclusive vacation destinations around the world. Bezos’ private jets are incredibly luxurious both inside and out. The G650ER can feature numerous configurations and seat up to 19 passengers – that’s enough space for Bezos and the entire Amazon board of directors. Bezos owns his Gulfstream jets through his holding company Poplar Glen and he stores them in a secure hangar at Boeing Field south of Seattle that’s worth about $5.5 million. His jets are equipped with high-end leather seating and fold-out conference tables. Each jet has a galley with a full kitchen and meal-prep station. Both of his G650ERs are equipped with high-definition TVs and high-speed Internet. Bezos can easily hold a business meeting while traveling across the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean. The G650ER is one of Gulfstream’s finest jets. It’s sleek, pristine, and innovative. Fly-by-wire technology means Bezos can fly in absolute comfort. The G650ER is also extremely safe. It features a Planeview 2 flight deck that increases safety and reduces pilot workload. Every G650ER is equipped with an Enhanced Flight Vision System which allows authorized pilots to land without natural vision in low-visibility conditions. Before he bought his first Gulfstream jet, Bezos was travelling the globe in a somewhat modest $18 million Dassault Falcon 900EX. Here’s a look at Jeff Bezos’ incredible fleet of private jets.

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