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Silly Side Business for Fun and Profit

by You Are Rich
what if you had a little side business that was fun to do? That didn’t seem like work? That took no money upfront? And that you could do in your spare time? Last Christmas I needed a gift for a family member. I went online to Amazon, typed in “funny gift mug,” and found one that said… “I before E except after C and also when you heinously seize your weird foreign neighbor’s feisty beige heifer.” The graphics were minimal – a simple drawing of a cow that could be found for free on a stock image site, and some grass at the bottom. That’s it. For this, I paid $14.99, and I was thrilled to find it because I knew the recipient would love it. Now think about this… someone out there created this offer. They found a quote, most likely on the internet, and coupled with stock images of grass and a beige cow. They sent this off to a company to make and ship the mug for them when they got orders. And each time someone like me bought one or continues to buy one, they make money automatically, without any further work. They did this once, and it took them what – 5 minutes? 10 minutes? Heck, even if they brainstormed for an hour, they are making a very nice residual income month after month for having done this bit of work once. And this particular mug has been selling on Amazon for nearly three years now. Can you hear that? It’s the sound of a cash register.

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