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The FED Just Broke The Market | Dollar Crisis Explained

by You Are Rich

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The US Dollar Crisis:
As it stands right now: the US dollar serves as the reserve currency for the entire world. This means that EVERY COUNTRY trades in US dollars because of its stability, resiliency, and global acceptance.

HOWEVER…here’s where things begin fall apart: Because inflation has become a WORLD WIDE problem…countries are constantly looking for a safe place to park their money…and, since the United States raised THEIR interest rates the fastest, and is seen as the most secure…everyone is buying up the Dollar. That means, even though our money is “losing value” to inflation here in the US…it’s INCREASING IN VALUE, RELATIVE to to the rest of the world.

Bloomberg explains that countries can chose to LIMIT their exposure by SHORTING the US dollar as a hedge…and that means, if the US dollar CONTINUES going higher, countries would be forced to sell of their OWN assets to pay for those losses, and so far – that’s happened near the end of almost every quarter in 2022.

In addition to that, a higher US dollar means that our own EXPORTS become THAT much more expensive…after all, 1 euro USED TO BUY $1.20 worth of American Goods…but NOW it only buys 97 cents…so, everything – for the rest of the world – is more expensive than it was previously.

So far, here’s what we do know:

Number One: Some of the largest funds are stocking up in cash.
After all – why take the risk in equities…when you can earn 4.3%, guaranteed, with no work buying Treasuries?

Two: The Housing Market Is Falling.
Like I mentioned earlier, The Housing Sentiment Index is near an all-time historic low, as fewer and fewer people believe that NOW is a good time to buy.

Three: The Bank of England is in trouble.
They recently came on record to warn that “Households will Face a Strain Similar to Pre-2008 Crisis,” as their markets begin to crumble. For them, higher rates will decrease business activity…higher prices will lead to less spending…and, foreign investment will slow as people sell off their assets. This could probably be a video in and of itself…but, starting today…their central bank is no longer backstopping bond purchases…which, is likely going to lead to a LOT more volatility.

And Four: Expect higher unemployment.
To me, the writing is on the wall that – as companies scale back – employees will be the FIRST to get cut…so, I’d use this as an opportunity to make yourself as indispensable as possible…and, save up extra cash just in case something were to happen.

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