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The Next Great Depression – How To Prepare

by You Are Rich

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It was found that investors have the tendency to sell at the worst possible time, and buy when the market is already on an upward trajectory because they fear missing out..and, in doing so, they basically sell the bottom and buy the peak, lowering overall returns.

So, in terms of the “RIGHT WAY” to invest to maximize returns…one strategy entails “buying the dip,” which – on average – results in a return nearly TWICE THAT of someone who simply “holds on and does nothing.” Markets tend to take, on average, 1-2 years to bottom…and, 2.6 years to recover…so, buying consistently allows you to purchase those lows – while gaining the future upside at the exact same time.

Plus, every single study shows that – the longer you invest – the smaller your chances are of losing money, with a 99.8% likelihood of a balanced portfolio being profitable over a 15 year timeframe.

Overall, this year is PROBABLY going to be quite difficult for most investors – and, that’s something to be expected. Investments don’t just continue going upwards, indefinitely, and there are going to be years where you lose money – it’s a part of the process. But, don’t let that deter you – and, if anything, it should be motivating that you’ll be able to buy everything for a cheaper price than you could’ve, a year ago.

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