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These Millionaire Toilets Really Exist

by You Are Rich

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These are the most expensive toilets in the world. The toilets on this list come in all shapes and sizes, and some are worth millions of dollars. There are gold toilets, diamond toilets, crystal toilets, Japanese smart toilets, and even toilets in outer space. The toilet in the International Space Station is worth $23 million, and it’s actually a water filtration system that converts urine into drinking water. It’s state of the art and it will be used in NASA spacecraft heading to the moon and possibly mars. The Neorest NX2 Japanese smart toilet is a $11,000 state of the art latrine that automatically opens when you walk up to it. The toilet lid even closes when you leave. The Neorest NX2 cleans your nether regions with a spray wand after you’ve done your business, and the built in air dryer whisks away the water after you’re clean. The toilet cleans itself with ionized water. There’s no better feeling than sitting on a Neorest NX2 as the seat is heated. Hong Kong based jewelry maker Hang Fung Technology created a stunning gold toilet to display in its showroom. The display featured more than just a gold toilet, Hang Fung built an entire bathroom out of gold. The Toilet itself is worth $5 million, while the beautiful gold bathroom is worth about $29 million total. Here are the most expensive toilets in the world. Coronet’s gold and diamond toilet is in the Guiness Book of World records. The stunning masterpiece holds the record for most diamonds in a toilet seat. Check it out.

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00:00 Intro
00:36 International Space Station Toilet
01:53 Maurizio Cattelan’s America Toilet
02:47 Golden Hang Fung Toilet
03:44 Coronet gold and diamond toilet
04:16 Moon Lake Sculpture Park Toilet
04:50 Swarovski crystal-studded toilet
05:24 Dagobert toilet throne
06:13 Neorest NX2 Japanese smart toilet

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