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This Arab Billionaire’s $600 Million Floating Palace

by You Are Rich

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The largest superyacht in the world, Azzam was built by more than 4,000 people in four years. The $600 million vessel is as fast as a navy frigate and burns 13 tons of fuel every 60 minutes. It was owned by the late Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and is so large that you can play golf inside it. Indeed, it is the world’s largest yacht, measuring over 590 feet. The construction took four years and over 4,000 people worked on building it clocking up six million man-hours before her launch in April 2013. The builders calculated that had the yacht been built by one person, work would have had to start in 1737 BC. Its tremendous complexity in detail and design makes the Azzam a truly luxurious yacht. Let’s take a look inside!

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Written by: Wilder Weir
Narrated by: Wilder Weir
Edited by: Dano GS

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Intro 00:00
Cost & Construction 00:17
Azzam’s Amenities 01:58
The Main Saloon 02:47
Azzam’s Size 04:32
Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan 05:05
Azzam’s Tenders 06:25
Azzam’s Speed 07:15
Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse superyacht 08:20
Bye-Bye 09:29

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