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This Isn’t Sexy – But It Sure Is Profitable! (Jan 2018)

by You Are Rich
This Isn’t Sexy – But It Sure Is Profitable!

You purchase a product for $9 and you can’t wait to download it and see what’s inside. But instead of a download link on the next page, what do you get? A @#$%& upsell! Okay, admittedly the upsell looks pretty darn good. And it will make your life easier, too. So you spend the $29 and get the upsell. Now to go to the download page… What the ___?! It’s ANOTHER upsell! This one is $200. Which is a shame, because it looks so enticing. If only it were cheaper… …you click on the ‘no thanks’ link. And on the next page, you see the same upsell minus the live coaching for only $49, so you grab it! Finally, you’re on the download page and you cannot wait to open up all your goodies and get started.

What just happened? Did the product seller bamboozle you into buying more products than you really wanted? Did he annoy you with all the upsells? Or did the seller provide you with additional opportunities to get the benefits you want, or solve your problem? You’re probably saying yes to all three questions, and that’s okay. When upselling is done properly, the seller is truly providing the customer with additional, faster or easier ways to get the benefits they seek.

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