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This Man Passed Elon Musk As The Richest In The World

by You Are Rich

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For quite a while now, Elon Musk has been the richest man in the world. With Tesla and SpaceX in his pocket, it seemed as though he would retain this position for the remainder of his life. Well, things took a big time shift in 2022. He achieved one of his dreams by acquiring Twitter. Once he became the boss of the company though, everything flipped upside down. The company has seen fire after fire after fire as the controversies continue to mount up. This has led to Musk losing billions and his other companies also getting caught in the crossfire. Most notably, Musk dropped below the top richest man in the world position. Something that can’t be easy for someone with the infamous ego he has.

So who is the man who has taken over the position? That would be the richest man in France, Bernard Arnault. He is the man in charge of the largest luxury conglomerate in the world. His runaway successes have been adding up, leading to him officially dethroning Musk in 2022 with a massive net worth.

Not only that but there’s a third billionaire who is creeping up on both of them. The one and only Gautam Adani is also surging right now. He’s in third place but his net worth has been sky rocketing over the last few years. He may give the other two a run for their money.

So what exactly happened with Elon and what are the chances of him getting it back? Only one way for you to find out right now!

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Written by: Jordan Phillips
Narrated by: Jordan Phillips
Edited by: Gonzo Lugo

For copyright matters please contact us at: legal@valnetinc.com

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