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Why NFTs will change the Future of Music | LIVE Announcement | GaryVee x Budweiser Royalty

by You Are Rich


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Super excited to be going live with the Budweiser Royalty artists! These 22 artists are up-and-coming Kings and Queens of the music industry. With their NFT collection dropping today, the Budweiser Royalty artists and I will talk about the future of NFTs and music.

The Budweiser Royalty collection includes 11,000 tokens, with 500 NFTs per artist across three tiers: Core (400 tokens/artist), Rare (99 tokens/artist) and Ultra Rare (1 token/artist). Each mint of the Budweiser Royalty collection is random, with the artist and rarity revealed within 48 hours after mint.

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Follow the Budweiser Royalty artists:
Satomaa –https://instagram.com/sa.tomaa
Leo Conoza – https://instagram.com/leoconoza
Sprtyk – https://instagram.com/sprtyk
Millie Go Lightly – https://instagram.com/MillieGoLightly
Lil Polo Tee – https://instagram.com/lilpolotee
Farina – http://instagram.com/FarinaMusic
T:me – https://instagram.com/isitagoodtime
Kablito – https://instagram.com/kablito
Lulú – https://instagram.com/luluxmusic
Lil Benjas – https://instagram.com/lilbenjas
DTheFlyest – https://instagram.com/dtheflyestbtl
Fase Yoda – https://instagram.com/faseyoda
Lil Keed – https://instagram.com/lilkeed
Samantha Sánchez – https://instagram.com/samanthasancheez
Ilham – https://instagram.com/ilham
Lian Faz – https://instagram.com/lianfaz
Beanz – https://instagram.com/beanzgotbarz
Paopao – https://instagram.com/paopao/
Fresco Trey – https://instagram.com/frescotrey
Nardean – https://instagram.com/nardeannn
Blu DeTiger – https://instagram.com/bludetiger
Immasoul – https://instagram.com/immasoul_

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