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Case Study: $25,000 per Month Using Other People’s Knowledge (Nov 2017)

by You Are Rich
Case Study: $25,000 per Month Using Other People’s Knowledge

Here’s a great way to leverage other people’s experience and knowledge into a solid, long term income. For this case study, I’m going to have to change a few details to avoid creating competition for my friend. But it doesn’t matter – this will work in dozens – and perhaps hundreds – of niches. And it’s a great way to make serious money without having to know a great deal about any one subject.

Your chosen experts bring their vast knowledge and expertise in their field, you bring the marketing magic and together you both make a great income. For our example, I’m going to use real estate sales, since it’s not my friend’s niche. But you can do this in coaching, academia, hobbies, sports, professions, home improvement, flipping real estate, investments and so forth. The first thing you need is a niche where people are passionate about. For example, a plumber might be passionate about growing his business to six or seven figures. An aspiring sports coach might be passionate about building a winning team. A golfer might be passionate about getting good enough to beat his buddies. Once you have your niche, you can look for your expert. Again, you want a super passionate person with a strong track record. In our real estate sales example, you’ve got new agents who are passionate about getting that first sale as well as building a six-figure income as quickly as possible.

Your job is to find a real estate veteran who has sold hundreds of homes in her career and knows every stumbling block and pitfall, as well as every method for finding buyers and closing sales. This real estate broker will have a ton of key information that newer real estate sales people desperately want. Sure, they learn something from the other agents in their office, but it’s not enough to propel them quickly to the top. Their own broker doesn’t have the time or desire to offer new agents extensive one-on-one training.

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