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The Million Dollar Case Study by Greg Mercer

by You Are Rich

Welcome to the Million Dollar Case Study, Sessions 1 to 22. The journey starts here.

Watch as Greg Mercer launches a product in the US Marketplace. Learn alongside other experts in the industry as they share their tips and tricks on successfully building an Amazon product. Please click on Session #1 video below to get started. All 22 sessions are on this page, along with the excerpts of each video. Enjoy Greg’s case study!

 Highly recommended, 5 of 5 stars! 

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The Million Dollar Case Study Video Session Excerpts

Session #1 Generating Product Ideas
The most important part of succeeding on Amazon: finding a product idea. Learn Greg’s exact process and strategy for uncovering the winning product opportunity.

Session #2 Advanced Product Research
We review a few additional strategies for finding product ideas, and narrow our product idea to two potential products. Important lessons are shared throughout this hour, don’t miss it.

Session #3 Finding Product Suppliers
Joined by product sourcing expert, Gary Huang of 80/20 Sourcing, Greg learns the best practices for finding and negotiating suppliers for baby hooded towels.

Session #4 Intellectual Property Research
Intellectual Property Attorney Marc Karish joins us for an overview of legal considerations and patent research we need to consider before moving forward with our product idea.

Session #5 Supplier Outreach
Learn the best practices to streamline outreach to Alibaba suppliers, to save you time and energy in sifting through suppliers to find the best fit possible.

Session #6 Evaluating Samples & Choosing A Supplier
Our three samples have arrived, and now we must choose which supplier has the best product, communication, and ultimately will join us on this journey. Tune in to find out who we choose!

Session #7 Branding & Package Design
Joined by Jungle Scout Designer Adam Wilson, Greg shares how to create a beautiful package design that stands out from the competition while meeting all Amazon requirements.

Session #8 How To Import from China
How you import your product from China can have a huge impact on your profits. Learn from an expert on how to save money and avoid common pitfalls.

Session #9 Amazon Best Practice (From an Amazonian)
In this session, Joel Lentz of Amazon’s Business Development team shares some awesome strategies to leverage Amazon’s programs to help accelerate sales.

Session #10 Tax & Legal Structure
We are joined by Stewart Patton, a lawyer who specializes in helping Amazon sellers navigate tax and legal codes, and create the most beneficial structures possible.

Session #11 Keyword Research & Creating a Listing
Greg is joined by Kym Ellis of the Jungle Scout marketing team to find the best keywords, and create an optimized listing to target the most relevant traffic.

Session #12 Product Launch Strategies
How do you get initial sales if no one knows your product exists? How can you set yourself up for success from Day 1? Greg shares his proven sequence for launching a successful product, a hugely important step in getting to one million dollars in sales.

Session #13 Amazon Pay Per Click Strategies
Learn the fundamentals to set up and launch profitable Amazon pay per click. We are joined by PPC expert Brent Zahradnik, founder of AMZ Pathfinder to show you exactly how we set up our paid Amazon campaigns.

Session #14 Amazon Search Engine Optimization
How will customers find your listing when they don’t even know you exist? You could pay for ads, or you can also leverage Search Engine Optimization. Amazon thought leader Scott Voelker shares his strategies for setting up a listing for SEO success.

Session #15 Split Testing on Amazon
In Session 15, we are joined by Andrew Browne, Co-Founder of Splitly, an automated split testing tool. Andrew will share the best practices to improve your listing to maximize profits and outrank your competition.

Session #16 Jungle Snugs Updates + Live Q&A
With Jungle Snugs now live on Amazon, Greg shares some updates on how he plans to move forward to proceed towards a $1M, in addition to answering many live audience questions. Don’t miss this access to Greg’s strategic mindset!

Session #17 Maximizing Profits with Financial Analytics
In Session #17, Greg is joined by Fetcher’s Shane Stinemetz to review the most important parts of the Seller Central Dashboard, and which metrics are most important to understand the health of an Amazon business.

Session #18 Time Management & Productivity Hacks
In Session #18, Greg reveals the tools and techniques that he uses to run multiple six figure businesses while still having time to travel the world, have fun, and enjoy time with friends and family. This is a rare glimpse into the personal schedule of Greg, with lots of actionable tips to streamline your work processes to do more work in less time.

Session #19 Optimizing Pay Per Click Campaigns
In Session #19, Greg revisits the PPC campaigns that we set up back in Session #13, to check in on their performance and optimize them for more sales and a higher return on investment!

Session #20 Amazon Marketing Services Part 1/2
In this session, we explore the benefits and results of some new Amazon Marketing Services channels to promote and grow Jungle Snugs. Tune in to see how much it has actually contributed to our sales!

Session #21 Amazon Marketing Services Part 2/2
Greg continues his deep dive into Amazon Marketing Services, creating Headline Ads, some of the more profitable ad types available to sellers.

Session #22 Inventory Management Best Practices
Inventory Management is the unsung hero of the profitable Amazon seller. For those who understand the strategies and formulas, profit and growth are far easier. Learn the fundamentals in this action-packed episode!

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